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The Belmonts Albums
List of our most important releases.
  The Season of Harmony (Acappella Christmas )
  Released: 1988
  Label: Uptown Diskwerks Producer: Belmont Productions
  Songs written by George David Weiss all done acappella featuring The Annual Animal Christmas Ball.
  Carnival of Hits
  Released: 1962
  Label: Sabina Records Producer: The Belmonts
  This album was released on Sabina Records in 1962. Sabina was a record label that we founded and the recordings were produced by us. Enjoy!
  Dion and The Belmonts Reunion
  Released: 1972
  Label: Warner Brothers Records Producer: Zach Glickman/ Dion Dimucci
  This album was released on Warner Brothers Records in 1972. Richard Nader does the introduction. Madison Square Garden was electrified that night and we had a great time. Give it a listen. Currently out of stock, but keep checking.
  Cigars Acappella Candy
  Released: 1971
  Label: Buddah Records Producer: Bobby Feldman
  The Belmonts Rock'N Roll Traveling Show
  Released: 1982
  Label: Downtown Music Group Producer: Belmont Productions
  The Belmonts Rock'N Roll Traveling Show includes the hit single Let's Put The Fun Back In Rock 'N Roll. Snippets coming soon.
  Presenting Dion and The Belmonts
  Released: 1958
  Label: Laurie Producer: Gene Schwartz
  This is our first album. It was released in 1958 on the Laurie Record label and contains 6 hit singles. The Best of Dion and The Belmonts . Listen and Enjoy!
  Wish Upon A Star
  Released: 1960
  Label: Laurie Producer: Gene Schwartz
  This is our second album. It contains what we think are some of the most beautiful standards of all time. The songs are downloadable from our home page, The Best of Dion and The Belmonts. Enjoy!
  Dion and The Belmonts Together Again
  Released: 1965
  Label: ABC Paramount Producer: